Bridging Cultures


Different cultures - different perceptions!

American story: Darrel, an US American engineer, has to travel to China for yet another working meeting." Once more! Things just don't seem to move ahead with the Chinese counterparts. They keep on scheduling additional meetings, and we keep on losing time".

British Story:
Jeremy, a British director, has just chosen the future manager for your R & D in Lahore, Pakistan. Munir is a bright, young Pakistani from Karachi with a PhD from Oxford, and an outstanding professional record. By far the best man for the job. But Jeremy is upset when he hears from his Pakistani counterpart that Munir has no chance to be respected by the local team.

Swiss Story:
Geneviève is a Swiss H & R Manager of an international Hotel in South Africa. An employee asks her for two days day off, since he needs to go to his home village to attend his mother's funeral. Geneviève is taken aback, since he had made the same request for the very same purpose three months earlier.

Do your teams fully grasp the cultural nuances in their work?


Ctrl Culture Relations provides customized consultation, coaching, and training services to individuals, teams and organizations. Proposed training activities are highly interactive, practical, learner-centered, and interrogative. The programs are tailor-designed, and adapted to the client's experiences and specific needs.

· "Tell me, and I'll forget. Show me, and I may not remember. Involve me, and I'll understand". - Native American Proverb


  Intercultural Communication and Awareness Training

"All people are the same. It's only their habits that are so different" - Confucius
"Japanese and American management practices are 95% the same … and differ in all important respects" - Takeo Fujisawa

Explore your own cultural values, and develop the ease of interaction that leads to success in intercultural professional contexts

Cross-Cultural Training for Expatriates (pre-departure, post-arrival)

"Do not judge your neighbor until you walk two moons in his moccasins" - Cheyenne Proverb
"Working abroad makes you knowledgeable about the questions to ask, not the answers" - Anonyme xpatriate

Adapt genuinely to a new culture, and establish rapidly successful working relations

  Teambuilding with Intercultural Dynamic

"Wisdom comes from reasoning together" - Yoruba proverb
"Peace comes through mutual understanding, not through agreements" - Arab Proverb

Set the outstanding creative and winning potential of multicultural teams into motion.

  Intercultural Juggler

"Let us not be blind to our differences - but let us also direct attention to our common interests and the means by which those differences can be resolved" - JFK, former US President
Juggling can be understood as an ART of communication that helps enhance concentration power, awareness, coordination skills, partnership, efficiency, interdependent thinking, flexibility and creativity. As an "intercultural juggler", Ctrl Culture Relations facilitates international group processes, allowing its members to increase their mutual understanding and communicate/progress together.
Call in an intercultural juggler in group settings such as, international meetings, conferences, negotiation rounds to activate/ or set in motion the bridging of cultures.


Public Intercultural Trainings

Intercultural effectiveness - how to get things done internationally” - CRPM Lausanne, [] , [Intercultural Effectiveness]


To shape creative intercultural relations …

… means to systematic explore one's own cultural values and patterns, and simultaneously discover the multiple universes and perspectives offered by other cultures. The dance of these two stimulates creativity, and encourages crossing the obsolete boundaries of misunderstanding and false interpretation.

Never, in human history, have relations between cultures been as abundant as today. Let us consider ourselves as modern-day traveling performers, and discover the creative potential of interacting and working with cultures other than our own - be they national cultures, linguistic cultures, professional cultures, corporate cultures, or departmental cultures. As with any artistic performers, let us allow ourselves to be drawn by curiosity, spontaneity and improvisation, as a path for innovative and creative solutions when working with others.

"Never spend time with people who don't respect you" - Maori prov