Ariane Curdy is a management training and organizational development consultant who brings decades of international experience covering four continents. She has specialized in working across cultures and operates from her Lausanne-based firm “Ctrl Culture Relations”. 
A trilingual French-Swiss raised in German-speaking Switzerland, she has worked in numerous countries in Africa, Central and South East Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the Americas (i.e. Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia, Canada, Congo, Croatia, Djibouti, East Timor, Ethiopia, France, Georgia, Germany, Haiti, Hong Kong, Hungary, Indonesia, Iraq, Ivory Coast, Jordan, Kenya, Mozambique, Niger, Russia, Serbia, Sierra Leone, Somalia, South-Africa, South-Sudan, Tajikistan, Thailand, Uganda, USA …)


Ariane is known for her deep interest in understanding relations, situations and contexts, for her ability to listen, observe and ask pertinent questions, as well as for her capacity to foster creative solutions.

She is a skilled facilitator who creates an atmosphere of group participation and teambuilding, and who strategically introduces experiential learning tools drawn from the circus, the theater, and the visual arts. With over a decade of experience as a project and people manager, Ariane is a consultant who quickly understands the business and organizational issues her clients face. This combination of expertise makes her work at once inspiring and practical.

Since the establishment of her company in May 2001, she has worked for corporations, non-profit organizations, as well as for the academia. Check the section “Testimonials” for more details.

Her Background:

Master in Management and Organization Development (IFO, Muttenz, CH)
Master Class in International Management (THT - Trompenaars and Hampden-Turner Institute, Amsterdam, NL)
Manager in Business Entertainment MBE® (Emil-Herzog-Live, Stäfa, CH)

Multidisciplinary University degree (M.A. ecotrophology) specialized in development countries (JLU, Giessen, D)

Certificates from the Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication (SIIC, Oregon, USA) [intercultural.org]

Certified Cultural Detective® facilitator -   www.culturaldetective.com/certfacils

Certified COM-COI® Practitioner (Cultural Orientations Model ™ and Cultural Orientations Indicator Assessment ®) www.culturalnavigator.com

Training in Appreciative Inquiry (AI) - (Taos Institute, Lincoln, UK)

Training in Empowerment Through the Arts (Whidbey, WA, USA) [www.powerofhope.org]
  Trainings in various circus and theatre skills,  « Scuola Teatro Dimitri » , Ticino/Switzerland [www.teatrodimitri.ch]

Member of the Swiss Commission for the UNESCO, www.unesco.ch, project groups “Arts Education” and “Diversity of Cultural expressions”

Member of the SIETAR (Society of International Education, Training and Research) [sietarinternational.org]

Member of IGIK (Interessensgemeinschaft für interkulturelle Kommunikation, Zürich)
Affiliated to SwissFirms and CVCI (Chamber of Commerce of Vaud) [swissfirms.ch], [cvci.ch]

Fluent and working in English, French and German